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We are offering 5 undyed yarns in hanks for dyeing.
These skeins are tied, ready to dye.

Above is Party Ribbon - 100% nylon - undyed


Party Ribbon - 100% nylon
a high luster, high sheen ribbon
it slurps up the dye!
Party Ribbon Hank
Undyed Yarn Photos are Here

(see how PARTY looks in dyed yarns here)
Panda Silk
hanks for dyeing
52% bamboo - 43% machine washable Merino wool
- 5% combed silk

 1855 yds/lb (fingering)
Here is view of Panda Silk in balls


Panda Cotton
- hanks for dyeing
59% bamboo - 25% cotton - 16% elastic nylon
1700 yds/lb
Hank Photos here
(See how Panda Cotton looks in colors here)
Iceland - 100% Fine Australian Wool
a super soft single ply yarn
Iceland Hank
Undyed Yarn Photos are HERE

Only available in wholesale quantities.
Inquire about pricing by email - cpyinfo -at- (replace the -at- with @)