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Little Deco-Ribbon Bags - free knit pattern

You can make these bags with Fizz trim, too, as shown.

These bags were designed by Rowena Kitt . Her shop is Yorkshire Dales in Warrenton, VA.

The little bag above left has a silk rose added to it.

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Below is a little group of bags in different colors of Deco-Ribbon, add a silk rose for more fun.

Pursonally Yours
Designer: Rowena Kitt

Departing from the norm I use a ruler to form the loops at the top of my bag. This bag can be a total flight of fancy with Crystal Palace Fizz, Splash, Deco-Ribbon, or it can be practical and as toned down as you desire.

Crystal Palace Deco-Ribbon: 1 ball
Other yarns for embellishment: Crystal Palace Fizz or Splash
Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles: size 6 or 7 single point, one set of size 6 or 7 double points
one smooth plastic ruler (6" or 12")
Gauge: not critical

Special directions:

2 explanations of the Loop Stitch:

1. Loop stitch: Insert right needle as if to knit, wrap yam around right needle. Holding ruler behind right needle, take yarn under, then over the ruler. Wrap right needle again as if to knit. You will then complete the loop by finishing the two wraps you formed knitwise. Hint: think "figure-8" when you wrap.

2. The loop stitch consists of wrapping the yarn around the needle just like a knit stitch, then wrapping around the CP needle holder (or ruler), going under and then over the needle holder and then again wrapping the yarn around the needle just like a knit stitch. You now have two stitches where there was one.


Loop stitch = Ls
Stockinette stitch = ss, Purl=p
Snitch stitch = sns
Stitches = st


Cast on 40 sts
1st row make loop stitch in each st across row you now have 80 stitches
2nd row knit two together across row you now have 40 stitches again and have formed a row of loops.

Repeat both rows 2 times (or as many as you like) to form the looped topping for your bag.

Ss for 6 inches or desired depth of bag.
Place 10 st on a double pointed needle.
Place 20 st on a double pointed needle.
Place last 10 st on a double pointed needle.
Fold each 10 st needle back on parallel to 20 st needle with right sides of bag together.
(20 sts form the front of the bag and the 2 groups of 10 form the back with a center seam up the center back.) Cast off while grafting the bottom bag seam together (use the Kitchener stitch or here if desired.)
Sew up the center back seam. A strong sewing thread works best for finishing with a regular sewing needle. Turn your bag back to right-side out.


This can be short or long. My favorite is short since this can go on your belt hands free. Make I-cord ("Idiot cord") or crochet cord (directions here):
To make I-cord:
Cast on 3 st on dpn. I-cord for 3 inches.
Work Sns: K2, turn, (P 1, turn, K 1, turn) 3 times. K into 3rd st of I-cord line this forms a handy little loop in the I-cord as a holder for your shades.
Continue I-cord for your shoulder length. Attach handles firmly just inside of your bag.


copyright 2003  Rowena Kitt/Yorkshire Dales, Ltd. - not to be reproduced in other print or electronic media. You are welcome to LINK to this page, but please do not copy the pattern to another web site.

For a Printer-Friendly Version of this free knitting pattern, click here:

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