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Deco-Ribbon Jacket with Asymmetrical Front - knit with 3 colors
Designed & Knit by Marilyn Turner for Crystal Palace Yarns

The above colorway:
color 107 for A
color 9540 for B
color 308 for C

the above colorway is
written in the pattern itself

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in Woman's Sizes:
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A free knitting pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns

[Note: this pattern was extensively revised March 14, 2005. Cast on st numbers were wrong in earlier version. We apologize for the errors.]

Size: Sm:39 (Med:42, Lg:45, XLg:47, XXLg:50) inches finished bust measurement
Back Length: 21 (21, 22.5, 22.5, 24) inches

10 (11, 11, 12, 13) 50 gr. balls Deco Ribbon col.111(A), 5 (6, 6, 7, 7) balls col. 119 (B),
1 (2, 2, 3) balls col.311 (C),
Crystal Palace Bamboo or DAISY Needles size 10-3/4, size I or J crochet hook, 1 button.
(Note: See ideas and photos of other color combinations with link at bottom of this pattern.)
See five alternate color combinations (colorways) HERE
See four more colorways using new colors of Deco-Ribbon HERE

Gauge: 18 sts and 28 rows equal 4" in Half Linen St. with Deco-Ribbon
(Note: Be sure to test the gauge - we have knitters who knit loosely and get the gauge on size 10s, some on 10.5s. If you are tight knitter, you may need to use an 11. Also doing a swatch is a good way to learn the stitch so your tension will be even in your knitting. Once you catch on to this stitch is becomes quite fast to knit.)

Crochet Stitch:
Reverse sc = single crochet:
Insert hook in next st, yarn over, draw yarn through st, yarn over, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook = 1 rev sc

Stitch Pattern: Half Linen Stitch
(multiple of 2 sts + 1)

Row 1 * K1, with yarn in front slip 1 purl wise,* repeat betwn *s, end K1
Row 2 & 4 Purl
Row 3 K1 *K1 ,with yarn in front slip 1 purl wise * rep betwn *s to end, K2
Repeat Rows 1-4 for Half Linen Stitch.

Note: Always end sequence with Row 2 or Row 4 and join new color on next right side row. This prevents 'striping' and blends the two colors together.

WSR = wrong side row
RSR = right side row
EOR = every other row

Stripe Pattern:

For Body:
With color A work for 7 (7, 8.5, 8.5, 10) in.
Alternate 2 rows B & 2 rows A for 4 in.
With color B work for 5 inches
Alternate 2 rows C & 2 rows B for 3.5 in.
Work with color C for 1 in.

Stripe Pattern for Sleeves*
With color A work 12.5 in. from turning of cuff.
Alternate 2 rows B & 2 rows A for 4 in.
With color B work 3 in.
Alternate 2 rows C & 2 rows B for 1 in.
* Note: You may have to adjust the length of the Sleeve stripes because it is important that you begin the cap shaping at the same stripe sequence as you did for the armhole bind off in order for the stripes to match.

With A, cast on 89 (95, 101, 109, 115) sts.
Next Row (WSR): Purl.
Work in Half Linen St and stripe patt until piece measures 12 (12, 13, 13, and 14) in. from beg ending with a WSR.
Shape armhole: Keeping in patt, Bind off at each armhole edge at beg of EOR: 5 (5 ,6, 5, 6) sts once, 0 (0, 0, 4, 4 ) sts each side once, then dec 1 st each side every RSR 3 (4, 4, 4, 4) times [73 (77, 81, 83, 87) sts. Work even in est. patt until piece measures 21(21, 22.5, 22.5, 24) inches from beg. Bind off all sts.

Left Front:
With A, cast on 45 (47, 51, 55, 59) sts.
Next row (WSR): Purl
Work as for Back, shaping armhole, until piece meas. 18 (18, 19.5, 19.5, 21) in. from beg - 37 (38, 41,42,45) sts.
Shape neck: Bind off 7 (7, 8, 8, 8) sts at neck edge once, 4(4, 4, 5, 5) sts once, then dec 1 st every RSR 4 times - 22 (23,25,25,28) sts. Work even in patt until piece measures same as Back. Bind off all sts.

Right Front: cast on 45 (47, 51, 55, 59) sts
Next Row: Purl (WSR)
Work in Half Linen St and stripe pattern, inc st every 8th row at the center edge 14 (14, 16, 17, 17) times for the asymmetrical front; AT THE SAME TIME, shape armhole same as Left Front - 51 (52,57,59,62) sts.  Work until piece meassures 18 (18,19.5,19.5,21) in. from beginning; AT THE SAME TIME, make one button hole on a RSR about a inch before neck shaping as follows: Work 5 sts, Bind Off 5 sts work across row, purl back and using cable cast on method, cast on 5 sts for button hole. Shape neck: Maintaining pattern, Bind Off at neck edge at beg of EOR: 21 (21, 24, 25, 25) sts once, 4 (4, 4, 5, 5) sts once, then dec 1 st every RSR 4 times. Work even in pattern until piece measures the same as Back. Bind Off rem 22 (23, 25, 25, 28)sts.

Sleeves: with A cast on 51 (53, 57, 59, 59) sts
Next row: Purl (WRS)
Work in Half Linen St and Sleeve Stripe pattern (see Note at top of this pattern); AT THE SAME TIME, dec 1 st ea edge every 4th row 5 times ( 20 rows of pattern completed for cuff).
Next row: (RSR) Purl for turning row.
Next row: (WSR) Purl. Work in Half Linen St and Sleeve Stripe patt; AT THE SAME TIME inc 1 st each edge every 6th row 17 (17, 18, 17, and 19) times - 75 (77, 83, 85, 87) sts. Work even in established patt until sleeve is 18 in. from beg making sure to end on the same stripe sequence row as Back and Fronts.
Shape Cap: Maintaining established patt, Bind off 5(5, 6, 5, 6) sts at beg of next 2 rows. For Sizes Small & Medium only:  dec 1 st each edge every RSR 3 times, Bind off 4 sts at beg next 4 rows, then Bind off 5 sts at beg of next 6 rows. Bind Off rem 13 (15) sts. For Sizes Lg, X-Lg & XXLg only: Bind off 4 sts at beg of next 14 (12, 12) rows, then 0 (6, 6) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Bind off rem 15 sts.

Finishing: Sew shoulder, side and sleeve seams. Crochet trim: With I or J crochet hook and col. A work 1 row rev single crochet (working from left to right) around front edges and neck of jacket. Sew on button.

Alternate Deco-Ribbon color choices are many!
Here are some samples of 5 other colorways.

last edit 02/07/2012

copyright 2004 Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. - We are happy to share this  pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Knitting Shops carrying Crystal Palace Yarns Deco-Ribbon are welcome to use this free patterns for their customers.