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Quick Knit on Big Needles
Deco-Ribbon + Splash
Knit Stole with Bag and Hat

Stole: Beginner, Easy to Knit
Bag and Hat: Intermediate

The yarns for this pattern can be in many different colors -  3 different colorway ideas are at the bottom of this page.

12" x 9 feet
Hat: one size fits most heads
Bag: 8" x 9"

1 ball of SPLASH Eyelash, 100gr. color Picnic #7235
7 balls of Deco-Ribbon, 50 gr. one each of 7 colors: French Blue Stripe 105, Periwinkle w/Lt Blue 114, Periwinkle Stripe 115, Magenta w/Blue 116, Celery 120, Purple w/ Magenta 123, Purple 303
Note: Make up your own colorways, the quantities of Deco-Ribbon will be the same and there will be one color of Splash.

For Stole: one circular 35 inch needle size 17 US, For Hat: one 16" circular size 11 US and one set DP size 11 US, For Bag: one pair SP size 10-1/2 US (and DP size 11 for I-cord or size K crochet hook for making purse strap)

Gauge: 5 sts/6 inches in garter stitch on size 17 needles, but gauge is not critical to project.

Important Note: The yarn called for is enough to make all 3 projects. If you plan to make the hat and bag it is recommended to make these first, before the stole. Then you will be able to use up the remaining yarn for the stole.


Before beginning stole, wind off some of all 8 yarns in advance for the fringe. Choose a book which is 8-9 inches high and, holding all 8 yarns together, wrap 8 times around the book. Cut one side. This will give you 64 fringe ends to use at the end of your stole.

TIP on Changing Colors: Line up your 7 colors of Deco-Ribbon in the order you want to see them in your Stole. You will insert 1-2 rows of Splash between every 6-8 rows of Deco-Ribbon. When changing colors of yarns in the stole, tie a knot between the old and new color at either end of the stole leaving 7-8 inches of each to form fringe. Change Deco-Ribbon colors every 2-4 rows while knitting in garter stitch.

With circular needles size 17, Cast on 130 sts very loosely in the color of Deco-Ribbon you want to be the outer edge of the stole. Work the shawl in garter stitch and change Deco-Ribbon colors every 2-4 rows. Every 6-8 rows, when knitting rows with Splash, knit only 1-2 rows before changing back to Deco-Ribbon. When stole, laid flat, measures approx. 12" wide, cast off LOOSELY to prevent pulling in (you may wish to hold an extra needle along the side of the 17 needle to guarantee a loose cast-off). Attach extra saved fringe by looping to edge stitches to fill in the empty spaces on each end of the Stole.

For HAT - Make a ball of KMDR:

You will be tying lengths of Deco-Ribbon together to make a decorative knotted yarn for knitting the hat (and Bag if you wish). This is called “Knotty Mixed Deco-Ribbon" (KMDR). To Make KMDR: Holding the ends of all 7 Deco-Ribbon colors together wrap this multi-yarn group around your bent arm from hand to elbow 6-8 times. Cut through the group where you are holding them in your hand. This will give you 42-56 strands each about 1 yd long. (You can also wrap around a chair back or other convenient place). Now tie the ends of different colors together leaving the ties with approx. 2" ends. Wind the resulting yarn in a soft ball. Begin knitting and you will probably need to make another batch of KMDR the same way to finish the hat. You will be knitting the hat (and bag if you chose) with KMDR for most of the pattern.

Crazy HAT
Choose one color of Deco-Ribbon to be the Edging Color for hat and bag.
With Edging color of Deco-Ribbon and 16" circular needle size 11, cast on 60 sts. Join the round being careful not to twist the first row. Place a stitch marker or contrasting yarn to help mark beg each round.

P 2 rnds with Edging Color (right side of hat)
Change to KMDR yarn and K2 rnds
Change to Splash and K2 rnds
Change to KMDR and K6 rounds
Dec Rnd 1: (K10, K2tog) 5 times, 55 sts
Change to Splash and K2 rnds
Change to Deco-ribbon Edging color and K2 rnds
Dec Rnd 2: (K9, K2tog) 5 times, 50 sts
Change to KMDR and K3 rnds
Change to Splash and K2 rnds
Dec Rnd 3: Using KMDR, (K2, K2tog) 12 times, K rem 2 sts, 38 sts
Change to DP Needles
K4 rnds
Dec Rnd 4: (K2, K2 tog) 9 times, K rem 2 sts, 29 sts
Dec Rnd 5: (K2, K2 tog) 7 times, K rem 1 st, 22 sts
Remaining Rnds: Work K2tog until only 1 st rem, tie off top leaving 8 inch tail of Deco-Ribbon.
Make a small tassel of Splash by winding 12-16" of Splash loosely around your hand 4-5 times and tie to top of hat with tail of Deco-Ribbon. Cut loops to form tassel on top.

Your hat can be wild or tame depending on how long you leave the tails on the KMDR yarn you make. Or, if you want a simpler hat, use knotted Deco-Ribbon in stripes instead of KMDR.

BAG with strap

Using size 10-1/2 needles with Edging Color of Deco-Ribbon, cast on 42 sts. Work 4 rows in garter st (K all rows).
Change to KMDR, K2 rows
Change to Splash, K2 rows
Work in 6-8 rows of Deco-Ribbon in 2-3 colors as stripes or use KMDR.
Change to Splash, K2 rows.
Continue alternating 6-8 rows of Deco-Ribbon and 2 rows of Splash.
When 40 rows have been completed, work more 4 rows in Edging Color of Deco-Ribbon and bind off loosely.

Make Purse Flap
Make Hinge:
Using the Edging Color of Deco-Ribbon, pick up 19 sts, 1 st for each 2 rows, at narrow side of the rectangle just knitted leaving the first and last 3 row ends unpicked up. (These 19 sts are then at the center 38 rows of the 44 rows). Work 4 rows in St st with the P side on bag’s right side (this will form the hinge of the flap).

Begin Flap:
Rows 1-12 Return to garter st in random Deco-Ribbon striping or KMDR (whichever you used in body of bag). Inc 1 st each end of Rows 1, 3, 5. (25 sts)
Row 13: change to Edging Color Deco-Ribbon, K25
Begin Short Rows:
Row 14: using Edging Color K22, turn (leaving rem 3 sts on needle) and K19, turn (leaving rem 3 sts on needle) and K22 to end of row.
Row 15 K
Row 16: K17, turn and P9, turn and K17 to end of row.
Row 17: K8, P9, K8
Row 18: repeat Row 14
Row 19: K
Bind off loosely.

Sew side seams for bag.

Make Strap:
The strap as shown is 48" long, but make whatever length you choose.
I Cord Strap: Using a DP 11 needle cast on 3 sts. Do not turn work, continue to K3 by sliding the 3 sts just completed to the opposite end of a DP needle and K3 again. Give the yarn a light tug with each row to form the cord.
Crochet Strap: With K hook, chain 5 and work in single crochet until desired length is reached.
Sew or crochet the strap to the bag.

Place a decorative button or pin in the flat area of flap. Add Velcro fasteners behind the flap if a firm closure is desired.

Designed by Susan C. Druding
Spring 2003

copyright 2003 Crystal Palace Yarns/Straw Into Gold, Inc. - We are happy to share this  pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission.