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Daisy Needles

Colorful and comfortable to use - DAISY Knitting needles
from Crystal Palace Yarns

Now available in Double Points

SP prices  $4.80 - $7.00 - sizes 9 to 35, lengths 10" and 14"
DP prices $8.50 - $20 - sizes 9 to 35
Circular prices $4.90 - $13.50 - sizes 9 to 35

Retail Knitting Shops, inquire about wholesale prices.

Lightweight (hollow) and strong ABS colored resin.
Single Point, Double Point and Circular DAISY Needles are in stock 

See DAISY Retail Price List HERE

        Single Point and Double Point in Stock
         Circular DAISY Needles are here, too!

Sizes US 9 to US 15 shown above are 9" long
Colors match the same sizes in Single Point DAISY Needles.


DAISY sizes 17 & 19 are 11 inches

DAISY size 35 DPs are 12 inches long


Retail shops, for wholesale information:

Email: cpyinfo -at- (replace the -at- with @ for email)

or write to:
Crystal Palace Yarns, 160 23rd Street,  Richmond, CA 94804
phone: 510-237-9988,  fax: 510-237-9809